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Our Services

man climbed on the tree to cut the branches

At Richmond Tree services, we offer professional tree services which include tree removal, ongoing tree care in form of tree pruning and trimming as well as tree health, protection, and safety management. As professional arborists, our job is not just tree cutting we cater to your entire landscape and we are dedicated to helping to protect your property as well. Our team is made up of professionals that ensure that all projects are completed correctly without putting anyone at risk or causing damage to your property. We also ensure compliance with all specifications and existing tree management codes in Richmond.

Our main services include removal of weak, diseased as well as healthy trees. We also specialize in tree stump grinding and removal. Our team also consists of tree trimmers and pruning experts that help to keep your tree in good shape at all times. You can also call us when you have any kind of tree emergencies and we will respond promptly. We are available for all kinds of projects including complex ones like tree removal in tight places or pruning limbs growing over buildings or close to powerlines and other utility structures. In addition to all of these, we offer tree care service in the form of specialized tree protection and safety which allows us to identify potential threats and weaknesses and take steps to mitigate them. We provide quality services just like our partners over at Oahu Tree Service. Our range of services include

  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Pruning
  • Stump Grinding & Removal
  • Tree Emergencies
  • Tree Protection & Safety
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