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Stump Grinding & Removal

tree stump near the forest

Although not compulsory, having a tree stump removed either by grinding or complete removal is the final step in getting rid of a tree in your yard entirely. Stump removal is an aesthetically pleasant project that leaves your landscape a lot more attractive and makes it possible to use the space for other projects. Whether you have just had a tree removed or you have had an unsightly stump in your yard for years, you can call for our professional services to have it removed.


Why Do You Need Tree Stump Grinding or Removal?

When a tree is cut down or felled by a storm, a small part of its stem and all of its roots is still left in place. Although considered mostly harmless, the tree stump left behind can be an unsightly spot on your beautiful landscape that would make mowing your landscape difficult. Hence, tree stump removal may be necessary for aesthetic purposes. Leaving the stump in place also leaves room for regrowth and you may have to deal with multiple new sprouts in no time. Tree stumps may also cause tripping accidents and injury especially if you have young kids or strangers in your yard. Dead and rotting stumps may also harbor insects like ants, scorpions, and other pests that may spread to other plants in your yard and pose a threat to people as well.


What is Stump Grinding?

Stump grinding is a simple process of getting rid of tree stumps. This process involves using a mechanical grinder to grind the stump as much as possible (usually to a depth of about 6 to 10 inches below the ground). The stump grindings can be hauled away or even used to fill the hole left behind after grinding. The rest of the stump is covered up and left to decompose in the ground. In most cases, it may be possible to use the spot previously occupied by the stump for other purposes almost immediately


What Is Stump Removal?

Total stump removal is another alternative for getting rid of a tree stump. This is a more comprehensive and highly intensive project. It involves the removal of the tree stump along with most or all of its roots. Of course, this is not an easy task. If you are dealing with a small tree, digging out the stump and its roots will be relatively easy. But for a large tree, stump removal is an intensive project that can span several weeks. a tree root ball can be as large as 4 to 10 times bigger than the tree itself and tree roots can spread out very far. This method is only recommended when it is absolutely necessary.


Call Us For Professional Stump Removal Services

Depending on the type and size of the tree stump you need removed, stump removal is an intensive project that requires specialized equipment, skills, and knowledge to pull off efficiently. Our professional arborists and tree care specialists understand the safety procedures for removing an unsightly tree stump and reclaim that portion of your landscape. We also have all the tools and machinery needed to do a clean and safe stump removal.

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