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Tree Trimming

man on a cherry picker is cutting the branches

If you have a tree in your yard, tree trimming is one of those vital maintenance services you will have to get at some point. Trimming involves removing large parts of your tree when they begin to grow too close to your building or towards a utility structure like a power line or road. Tree trimming is similar to pruning and most people tend to confuse both terms, but they are two different tree maintenance services each with their specific purpose.


What is Tree Trimming?

Tree trimming is a maintenance practice that is aimed specifically at tidying up the appearance of your tree or hedge by removing overgrown branches. In most cases, these branches are otherwise healthy and the only reason they are removed is either for aesthetics or because they are growing too close to a structure or in a direction, they are not supposed to grow. Excessive overgrowth or growth in the wrong direction is considered harmful both to the trees and to structures around which is why trimming is recommended at least once a year to keep the tree in check and prevent such from happening.


When is the Best Time to Have My Trees Trimmed?

Professional tree trimming can be carried out at any time of the year. However, the best time to have a tree trimmed is during winter or the dormant season of the year. This makes it possible to remove branches in preparation for vigorous growth when the next growing season comes along in spring. However, the ideal season to have a tree trimmed varies from one species of tree to the other. But since most trees are dormant in the cold months of the year, trimming during winter seems to work for most trees. Another great time to have a tree trimmed is during summer right after the growth season. During this time, branches that need to be trimmed are more obvious, and removing necessary branches is easier.


How Do You Safely Trim Your Trees?

When you are cutting down or trimming off a tree branch, the most important rule is your safety, and the best way to ensure this is to hire a professional arborist to handle the trimming. It's easy to think clipping off a few branches is a simple chore for anyone to handle but tree trimming tends to get complicated really fast. You may have to use a ladder and get quite close to the tree or utility features like power lines. Hence, the safest way to handle tree trimming is to leave the job to professionals trained to handle it and equipped with the right tools for safe tree trimming.


Our Tree Trimming Process

At Richmond Tree Services, our tree trimming process typically involves thinning parts of the tree until it is no longer a hazard or achieves the desired aesthetic effects. For large branches, we may have to secure the branches first for safety before cutting and finally lowering them without causing damage to the surrounding structures. Shears, saws, and trimmers are tools commonly used to trim trees for healthier growth and better aesthetics. Trimmers can either be gas-powered or powered by electricity.

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