Causes of Damaged Tree Branches

Although one might think that a sudden storm was the cause of a broken branch or fallen tree limb, it may only be the catalyst for damage of a tree which was already compromised by an underlying issue. Today, we’re going to talk about some of the causes of weakened branches that will cause damage or break larger limbs.

Heavy fruit or smaller branches

The weight of too much fruit or many small branches will strain the limbs of an otherwise healthy tree, making the load more than a limb should bear. Judicious thinning of the fruit when it’s small will produce a better quality crop and not create so much stress on the tree.

Insects and diseases

Pests or pathogens can infect a tree and quietly damage and weaken its structure. The property owner may not realize there is a problem until an outside force, perhaps wind which a healthy tree would otherwise weathered, causes a branch or even the entire tree to topple. There are also disinfecting practices for tools which will keep certain diseases from spreading beyond the infected tree during pruning. These should be employed during certain infestations.

Poor care

Inadequate care in the form of poor pruning, watering, or fertilizing can make a tree weak and susceptible to damage. This includes planting root-bound saplings, which are never able to fully root into the soil.  A decent wind will knock the entire tree over, only to reveal a nearly non-existent root ball.

Undesirable location

Planting a tree too close to a roadway can leave a tree vulnerable to passing cars. Some trees are struck again and again, leaving them badly damaged. Open breaks and splits offer the opportunity for pathogens to invade the inner structure of the tree, which can ultimately disfigure or kill a tree.

Trees can also be planted too close to buildings or electrical structures will result in the need to prune them constantly. Not only will the shape of the tree be compromised, but the health of the tree can be weakened, and it will almost certainly shorten its lifespan.Left unpruned, they can become a hazard to power lines.

If a tree becomes damaged as the result of one of these or other factors, a tree service can prune or remove the tree safely, protecting the property and its structures and saving the owner the hassle and danger of doing the job himself.