When to Call a Professional Tree Service

Today we’re going to talk about when it’s time to call a professional tree service to prune or remove a damaged tree. Knowing when to call a tree service will save a property owner money, yet protect him and his interests in a potentially hazardous situation.

Here are the times when it’s wise to call a pro:

When the break is high

Cracked or broken branches high in the limbs of a tree can pose a danger to people and property below.  But, more than that, it’s hazardous to climb a tree and wield the tools necessary to cut the offending limb. In the process of pruning, the branch or even the property owner could fall from the tree.  

When the branch is heavy

A large or heavy branch is another danger due to the potential for property damage caused by the limb falling. There is also the potential for injury to the person pruning, either by the limb or the tools required to prune a big branch.  For this reason, tree trimmers require extensive training and are required to wear safety gear while working. 

This also applies when the tree is close to a structure, power lines, or another risk or obstacle, a tree service can minimize the danger without putting the worker at risk. 

When the property owner lacks expertise

When a property owner lacks the knowledge in proper pruning techniques, even one who has appropriate skills with a chainsaw and owns the protective gear shouldn’t prune a tree. Inexpert tree pruning can also damage a healthy tree and create more problems.  Some of these include allowing entry of insects and pathogens or creating a permanent ugly flaw instead of a cut which will heal nicely.

Light limb removal at the lowest branches of a tree is a skill which can be learned and practiced if the property owner has the right tools and protective gear. But, when branches are bigger, in hazardous locations, or require more skill than the property owner possesses, a good tree trimming company can do the job safely and skillfully, thereby preventing more damage to the tree and maintaining a safe environment for all.