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Tree Pruning

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Next to watering your plants, tree pruning is one of the most common forms of tree maintenance practices needed to preserve the appearance of your tree. More than just cutting off rogue branches, the idea behind tree pruning is to protect both the tree and the people around. It involves removing weak and diseased branches. This is crucial for safety and also helps the tree to flourish better. Trees are not pruned to stunt growth. Rather, the purpose of pruning is to stimulate healthy growth. Trees may also be carried out to achieve a particular shape and structure.


Reasons For Pruning

A general rule as far as pruning is concerned is to ensure that every cut or alteration made to your tree has a specific reason behind it. This means you don’t just go around cutting off random branches off your tree with the excuse of tree trimming. Reasons for trimming can range from a need to achieve a specific aesthetic design or removed a branch that is preventing other limbs from getting enough sunlight. Incorrect tree pruning may cause problems to your tree down the line which is another reason (apart from safety) why tree trimming is best left in the hands of professionals.


Crown Cleaning And Crown Thinning

These are two of the most common tree pruning techniques. Crown cleaning involves the removal of dead and diseased tree limbs. This practice is also known as "deadwooding" and it is carried out to reduce the risk of damage to property or injuries to people as a result of fallen branches. Crown thinning on the other hand involves the selective removal of live branches. Crown thinning is carried out for tree health. The purpose of thining is to reduce the density of the tree canopy in other to ensure effective light penetration within the tree crown. Reducing the canopy density also reduces the weight of tree limbs and this reduces the chances of damage when a storm happens.


Other Tree Pruning Techniques

The pruning technique to be used depends largely on your reason for requesting a tree pruning service. Other tree pruning techniques include:

  • Structural pruning: this is a type of pruning that is done specifically for young trees. It involves the strategic removal of live branches of young to improve the orientation, spacing of branches, and overall shape of the tree as it grows.
  • Crown raising: crown raising is another tree pruning technique that involves strategic removal of branches in the lower parts of the tree. This is done to improve the overhead clearance of a tree from buildings and other structures or for a better view.
  • Restoration pruning: this is a type of pruning that is carried out mostly to restore the health or structural integrity of a tree due to storm damage. Live or dead tree limbs may be removed strategically to improve the health or vigor of your tree.
  • Root Pruning: this type of tree pruning is carried out to cut off tree roots growing too close to your building foundations, sidewalks, underground plumbing, and other structures.

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